Priya | HEADSHOTPriya Dadlani — Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Priya is a curator, writer, and producer. She is constantly inspired by other WoC and QTPoC and hopes that Spicy can be a platform and reflection for us. Passions include creating inclusive and honest content, sharing stories from the South Asian diaspora, and community organizing. Find her eating mango pickle somewhere in Brooklyn.

Vanessa | HEADSHOTVanessa Quintero — Video Producer
Vanessa is interested in the visual representation of women of color across all disciplines, but especially on the screen. Whether it’s creating projects, watching them, or writing about them, she aims to uplift and make these works accessible to everyone. Passionate about body positivity and, in a quarter-life crisis, the Paddington franchise.

Ally | HEADSHOTAlly Zhao — Visual Content Producer
Raised between Philadelphia and Beijing and currently residing in Brooklyn, Ally is a visual artist and graphic designer whose art practice focuses on self-representation, home, and family within diasporic POC narratives. Ally is interested in illustration, photography, and raising plants.

Nikki | HEADSHOTNikki Makagiansar  — Digital Content Producer
Nikki works on all things digital at Spicy, whether it be the website, Instagram, or weekly Kali Uchis fan posts (peep @spicy.zine for context). Her interests lie at the intersection of media, activism, and pop culture. In her spare time, Nikki enjoys biking, IKEA, and biking to IKEA.

HamdiHamdi Hassan — Content Producer
Hamdi is a contributor and social media producer at Spicy. She was born in Nairobi, Kenya and raised in Portland, Maine, but Somalia will always be home for her. Navigating America as a Black Muslim woman has shaped the activist and person she is today, and she hopes to shed light on the experiences of Black Muslim Americans through her work at Spicy.

SPICY_BIONicole Pereira — Content Producer
Nicole is a New York-based writer and producer inspired by the power of good storytelling. She co-hosts the culture podcast @12ounces_pod and writes about women of color, immigration, and her mom. The rest of the time, she is navigating adulthood, taxes, and long distance relationships. 

Chris HeadshotChris Malone — Editor
Chris is a writer, plant parent, and lover of mangos from Miami, Florida. As a queer Latinx writer, Chris takes pride in spotlighting subcultures that often go unseen or unheard, and giving a voice to those who often struggle to find one. Interests include yerba mate, gender fluidity, and The Legend of Zelda.

Alexa | HEADSHOTAlexa Vazquez — Editor
Originally from Miami, Alexa is greatly inspired by the multiculturalism of the city and her Cuban heritage. She writes about the intersection of Latinx/PoC culture, fashion, and beauty. She currently works as a multimedia producer at NPR in Boston. Most importantly though, she likes drinking cafecito and petting dogs (seriously any dog).

ChristinaChristina Beiene — Editor
Christina is an editor and contributor at Spicy. An Eritrean-American and native of the DMV, she is a pop culture and blind gossip fiend. Through Spicy, she hopes to diversify the media landscape when it comes to covering those topics and more. Without her skincare, she is nothing! Have a skincare recommendation or want to suggest a product review? Hit her up!

Meena | HEADSHOTMeenakshi Parashar  — Community Outreach + Events
Meenakshi is an activist and an artist looking to utilize various forms of visual communication to shine a light on forgotten narratives and create a community of dialogue and discourse. Her goal is to meld politics, mental health, and art to show how they all influence the relationships we have with one another.

CrystalCrystal Simone — Visual Content Producer + Events
Based here in Brooklyn, Crystal Simone aka Cryscross is the Afrofuturist babe who remains down to earth. She is a DJ + graphic designer, and as a black woman, she creates art to give others a sense of empowerment and confidence. Her goals are to diversify the media, support local arts movements and show black and brown women the God within them.

Snikka HeadshotSnikka Freyermuth — Photographer
Snikka is a bicoastal photographer and graphic designer raised in the Bay Area and residing in Brooklyn. She is the head photographer for Spicy and looks forward to diving into projects based on women of color and LGBTQ people of color. She is passionate about photography, communication design, and art that brings people together in ways they may not expect.

RiyaRiya Varma — Illustrator
Riya is a Bay Area artist whose mission is to emphasize the beauty and power of women of color through her art. She attends university in San Francisco, and part-time teaches art to elementary schoolers (because art changes lives). Her love for her community keeps her involved in street art, and you can catch her skating by the beach with a beer and spliff in hand.