002: Reimagining

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

This piece is written by Adeto Kunbo, a queer black teen who writes to connect their blackness to their queerness, to celebrate what makes them who they are, and to continue to fight for all that they represent.


Black fist raised,

Cutting through their

Lies that cloud our skies

And our thoughts.

Thoughts no longer

Mandated to manifest

The reality that they deem


We have always been worthy.

We have always shaped and

Molded the Clay to fit our needs,

To fit our bodies into the

Shapeshifting molds that we

Imagine for ourselves.

I am not a checkbox on a census.

I am not a super predator.

I am not a Magical Negro willing

To Help the White Man fix

The messes that He started.

Mine eyes have been opened

To the light and now I see

The Art that is Blackness,

Dancing without fear and

Without any qualms against


See, for too long have

We broken our backs

Trying to carry the weight

Of the Images They placed

On Us.

For too long have we

Bled to death in both

Fiction and Real Life.

See, when you teach

A Negro how to Read,

When you teach a Negro

How to Write,

You give Us a Power


You give Us the Keys

To Creation and We will

Open doors to a new Reality.

One that we want.

One that we fashioned.

One that will drive home

The fact that Our Revolution

Will not be televised.


Our Revolution Will Be Reborn.