002: Reimagining


This piece is written by Vivian Renteria, a visual artist who uses art to nourish others healing with stories that were left from all the ancestors who await to be heard.


Cualli tlanezi Mija.

Are you ready to awake? The ancestors await, can you hear their songs? With every breath you take they celebrate with rejoice. With every step you take towards the water their prayers are answered

There are stories left for you to uncover, buried deep beneath theses souls we rest our feet upon.

Waters have carried our songs for miles and miles and many more beyond. Yet there are those with eyes filled with greed who have tried to bury our songs, they have tried to hide our medicines so we lose connection to our mother. Our sacred places have been burned, our temples destroyed. They tried to vanish our words, our tongues seem to have forgotten the vibrations it is meant to feel, our sounds don’t seem to sound in harmony with all that surrounds us anymore, does it?

Have we forgotten how to listen? Whispers: (Have we forgotten how to listen?)

What if I told you that there are secrets from your past Abuela’s left for you to hold? That your medicines were kept safe for your hands to touch? And that our sacred temples continue to shake the ground with prayers still found for you to see.

But what if I told you their attempts have failed? That even with severed cords, we are still connected to our lands, they can try to move you but those lands will forever know you.

Mija all of our medicines have risen, they all sing sweet melodies for your return. You have been here before, you were never lost, we always knew where you were. We have always been here waiting for your return, when you are ready to awake, when you are ready to listen, we will be singing you back home, we are singing you back home.