002: Reimagining

Look Back Once, Look Within Always… The Truth Actually Lies There

Beryl Ford is a Black woman, creator, healer, lover, Aries, art historian, educator, curator, and arts administrator born of Ponce, Puerto Rico’s shores and the pavement of Brownsville, Brooklyn.

“Look for me where I learned to look for myself …who could know then what I’d be in years to come? or what eventually did or must happen?… I.”

Imagine myself whole. Always. Today, tomorrow, and yesterday. Present. Future. Past. All ways.


The apocalypse began in 1492, not 2019. The first encounter, the first pillaging and rape set the stage for cycles of exploitation and oppression that remain intact.

I imagine myself in the future simply because…

I. Will not disavow the presence of myself, a Blackwoman. One word. A fusion of race and gender, inexplicably bound together. Existing in this body,

in this s p a c e.

in this time.

I will not disavow where I’ve come from, who made me, nor deny myself the pleasure of envisioning my own futurity.


Timelines that collapse epochs emerge and re-insert me. In this space, defined by the contours of my mind, I am exactly who I say I am.


Living wholly as a radical act, imagining as an urgent project. A project that is at once technical and precise—one that evaluates the social and materiality of the world—and then creatively obliterates such evidence in favor of something more… something better, something beautiful.

This interplay between possibility and actuality gives birth to dreams, to hope. To me.


When my weariness is too much to bear, when I feel the weight of my disillusions, I turn to my desires. They hold me closely, they cleanse me, they fortify me as reminders that I was born into the toxicity, but I am not of it.

This dystopic present is not my inheritance, but rather it represents a call to action. To heal myself and to be in healing communion with my kinfolk. To do our work and build our communities, to live to see another day, to put imagination and work together to see the world we want to live in.

A world devoid of trauma and noxious -isms. A world that is intuitive and divine, balanced and at peace.

A world for me and my kin.

A world for me and my kin.

A world for me and my kin.