002: Reimagining

Little Seed

This piece was written by Miyo Tubridy, a queer, biracial Japanese American teacher in New York City. She and her wife hope to be mothers soon.


Little seed,

You are the one waiting in readiness for creation. 

Patient, relaxed, creative. You trust that your being will come to transform, through multiple metamorphoses, until you burst into this world.

Seed baby, we are tilling the soil for you. Digging deep into our gardens; digging up old bones and discarded things, unearthing the buried good and bad. We are weaving air into the earth, letting it breathe, and turn, and reflect different sides to the sun, sky, moon, rain and wind.

We are readying ourselves for you in this world. You change-marker, bringer of light, of renewed purpose to make this world better.

You, my dear one, will be the child of years of intention and deliberation. You will be the continuation of a legacy of people who have survived and thrived against many odds in this country and world.

We will give you all our hope, gathering shining pieces, and threads, and shreds, amidst fear and bombastic oppression, and we will weave it together for you, passing on a hope to grasp, to hold onto, to armor, to shelter, to comfort and rest upon. We are your quilt:  your parents, your elders, your community, your ancestors.

I envision a future where you can be proud to be seen and represented–Black, Asian and multiracial.

I’m dreaming up my own new little world. The world around us is on fire. And here in my home, in my body, I am growing peace and calm. Here in my tissue, my flesh, my cells, I am nurturing love. From within the smallest cell, if love exists, it exudes outwards.

Little seed,

We plant you in a soil of love. Of radical belief that we can nurture a world for you and others to thrive and be change. A dream that multiracial, Black, Asian, Latinx, and Indigenous people can be seen and loved, wholly and completely. A vision of a world where the child of queer parents lives joyfully. A manifest of a world where all gender expressions are embraced. A world where we know our history and use it to inform a more beautiful and free future.

You are our motivation.

You are our hope.

You are our vision.

You are our dreams.

You are our love manifest.