002: Reimagining

I Heard That Joy Would Come

Mallika Singh is a poet, cook, and facilitator who writes about borders, surveillance, and intimacies. Their chapbook Retrieval is forthcoming from Wendy’s Subway this summer. 

I heard that joy would come

in that prison guard’s office

the roof was leaking, an old 

forgotten fern still green

& outside

every worker unwilling 

every worker planting

seeds in the empty plot

seeds in the pipeline

whose land are dreams built on?

& safety? 

& who is the future for? 

who emerges post-flood

who rebuilds, repopulates

villa, glass, gate, self contained

artificial light, creator of the sun

nuclear core 

my BoA app says what would you like the power to do

what would I like, not power, not doing 

the whole poem, which was in the stem

the whole poem, which was in the dream

all parts of the body

the larynx & disappearing hands

& pollen in the ears & muscle peel & my arm

which is the shadow of the sun

wings spread, soaking in the heat 

I see you, see 

anything can turn

into something else

my breast to a tree to a metal piece

our body /technology/ will 

drown in a canyon 

press against deep lily fossils 

utopic monuments will levitate

we will guide memory to our mouth