Heat Wave

This piece is written by Shara Lunon, one of SPICY’s guest contributors. Shara is a vocalist living in Brooklyn. She has been part of the art collective Milagros for seven years and is the founder of a new record label called Elestial Sound and Orbital Mechanix. She focuses on synthesis, and in both her musical and visual art realms attempts to combine her cultural and preferential influences.

In heat
Waves of want water from foreheads and lips.
Touch me, leave me.
Our sweat is so sweet, mixed in
Sheets and stories of last nights so
Dark and lovely.
The richness saturates and seeps in
Pore and follicle; in
Dirt and damp,
So moist.
You look damn good with that glisten,
Glittering with each bead that rolls down,
Down, down your chiseled chest.

In this heat I swear I have seen things,
Cuz no one looks this good in frost.
Everything glows with a hint of gold:
Lust and lavish.
Flesh bare, with thirsted lips
Cracking, and
Wrapping round popsicles,
Circling in smiles on dance floors,
And subways,
And bedrooms,
And back rooms.
No back rubs for me,
Your palms emit too much energy,
Or is it love?
It’s probably just the heat.