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9 WoC+QTPoC Beauty YouTubers You Should Know

1. Jackie Aina
While other Youtubers stay quiet about issues regarding racism in the beauty industry, Jackie speaks out  — and people notice. Recently, Aina was the first recipient of the NAACP’s YouTube Creator of the Year Award. She collaborated with Artist Couture to create not one but two limited edition highlighter shades perfect for deeper skin tones. Whether she’s calling out brands for a lacking shade range or busting stereotypes about what type of makeup WoC can and can’t wear, she’s the voice of reason the YouTube community needs.


2. Desi Perkins
With over 100 million subscribers, Desi Perkins is the hottest Latina in the YouTube game. You know you’ve made it when Kim Kardashian chooses to do a video with you as a way to showcase her newest makeup product. In 2017, Perkins collaborated with Dose of Colors to create her own limited edition collection, including a highlighter called “Mirame.” Staying true to her roots, she loves Selena Quintanilla so much she transformed herself into the Queen of Tejano music not once, but twice! Anyone else have to do a double take?


3. Karen Yeung (I Am Karen O)
Karen Yeung, better known by her handle ‘I Am Karen O’, uploaded her first video in 2013 and has since become one of the top Asian influencers on YouTube. Born in Hong Kong and raised in the Bay Area, CA, Karen’s style “is influenced by the toughness of the city and the lax suburban lifestyle” she grew up in. This past summer, she launched her own clothing brand, UMO Style. Her highly stylized videos featuring unique editing sets her apart in the often copycat world of beauty gurus.


4. Shayla (Makeup By Shayla)
Shayla? More like SLAY-la. After ditching YouTube for a while, Shayla came back to the platform a year ago, quickly regaining all of her subscribers. This year, she partnered with Maybelline to create an affordable eyeshadow palette and matching mascaras. She also designed a set of full, fluffy lashes with Morphe.


5. Alissa Ashley
If you want a review on every Fenty Beauty collection that’s dropped so far, look no further than Alissa Ashley. From an animated intro of herself to incredibly researched and detailed product reviews, Ashley delivers on well-rounded beauty content. Her latest video roasting Tarte Cosmetics for failing to include enough shades for PoC is just one example.


6. He Flawless
He Flawless, aka Kenneth Senegal, is well, flawless. He’s part beauty-guru and part entertainer with videos ranging from makeup reviews and tutorials to hilairous storytimes. He was a contestant on Internet series called Allure Incubator, where the beauty influencers compete for a chance to win a contract with COVERGIRL. A proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, he made a whole video calling out Offset for that one very homophobic lyric. Having joined Youtube in 2012, he’s since been able to work with prestigious brands like MAC and Makeup Forever.


7. Jovita George
Jovita George does it all: from DIY hair and face masks, to full-beat Indian wedding looks and how-to’s. George is Indian but now lives in Kuwait. Her most impressive videos are part of a cultural comparison series, where she recreates and compares classic styles from different countries. It’s obvious she puts a lot of research into these looks, often garnering comments of praise from those whose country’s signature makeup she is exploring.


8. Miles Jai Productions
Miles Jai is a self-described clown, actor and Youtuber based in Los Angeles. He’s been a panelist at RuPaul’s DragCon and filmed several videos featuring some of the series’ biggest queens. He even performed at #YoutubeBlack, an event that highlights creators of color and addresses racial inequalities that exist on the platform. With a combination of comedy sketches, vlogs and beauty tutorials, you’ll never be bored with Miles.


9. Nabela Noor
Want your makeup tutorials served with a side of sass? Nabela Noor is your girl. The Bangladeshi-American YouTuber uploads quality beauty videos while still making you laugh. But it’s not just about makeup for Noor. She also writes funny sketches depicting her experience as a WoC. She doesn’t shy away from addressing topics that aren’t typically thought of as beauty guru material – what it’s like growing up brown, her weight, and marrying someone white – and she does so eloquently and with her charming sense of humor.