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5 Black-Owned Hair Product Businesses You Should Support

To celebrate Black History Month, let’s recognize five black-owned hair businesses! These black business owners understood that women of color were not represented in the haircare industry and fought to change society’s whitewashed perception of beauty. Their efforts have encouraged many people of color to embrace their natural look and have made them more confident in who they are. The five companies below feature products for all natural hair types, such as loose curls, kinks and coils.

1. The Hair Whip Company
The Hair Whip Company is a black-owned business based in New York City that sells organic hair products such as hair masks, sprays and butters. The company made its debut in 2016, and since then has made a name for itself in the natural hair community. In fact, its products have been used by several natural beauty bloggers such as @jaazzmary and  @chiziduruHairWhipCo’s motto is “simply made” because all of their products are made from organic ingredients and contain less than 10 ingredients. This sets them apart from other companies that add unwanted filler ingredients just to stretch the product and can have negative effects on hair. Their products are affordable, ranging from $10.00- $20.00.

Iris Hair Spray is my go to product whenever I need to refresh or revive my hair. Iris is made out of aloe vera leaf juice, which is known to soften and moisturize hair, as well as green tea. The product is extremely light weight and will not weigh your hair down. I typically spritz the product on my hair in the morning to redefine my curls and add much needed volume after a night of sleeping on it. You can also use Iris during your wash and go routine as well! For best results, I recommend using it before applying your leave-in.

iris_1024x10242xImage via The Hair Whip Company


2. Camille Rose Naturals
Camille Rose Naturals was founded by Janelle Stephens, an African American mother of five, who decided to experiment with ingredients and create her own line of hair products to meet the needs of her children, in response to the market’s lack of products. Her line is made up of completely organic ingredients meant to heal, restore, moisturize and stimulate hair growth. Her hair products range from $10.00-$25.00.

I am currently in love with their Honey and Latte leave-in conditioners. People have been raving about these products since the line launched, so naturally I had to see what all the hype was about. The Honey and Latte leave-in conditioner provides extreme hydration to your hair; it also looks and smells like honey. It helps define curls and has a lot of slip, which is great for women with thicker hair textures. After using both products, my hair was extremely soft, defined and smelled amazing! This line is limited edition and can be purchased at Target.

After applying your leave in conditioner, you can apply the Camille Rose Curl Maker, a lightweight jelly that defines curls and provides medium hold. For me, this is the holy grail of hair products. I have 3c hair that is very fine and prone to frizz. It has been a struggle over the years to find a product that provides my hair with definition while not weighing it down. This product provides my curls with definition, volume and no frizz!

20170203_crn4383_stack-edit-edit_1024x1024Image via Camille Rose Naturals


3. Madam CJ Walker
Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture is a hair-care line named after Madam CJ Walker, the first African American woman that became a self-made millionaire through the creation of hair care products. This brand was founded by her great-great-granddaughter, and honors her legacy by continuing to create quality products to uplift and instill confidence in women of color. All of her products are free of harmful agents such as sulfates and parabens, which can damage your hair. This line can be purchased at Sephora.

Their Wonderful Deep Conditioning Masque is my go-to product when my hair needs some TLC. This product restores and hydrates damaged hair, while providing it with body and softness. The mask is super creamy, distributes through the hair evenly and can be left in or washed out. It sells for $35.00, but a little bit goes a long way. I use this product several times a week and it lasts me about four months.

s1807411-main-lheroImage via Sephora


4. Jane Carter
Jane Carter is an African American professional stylist who decided  to create her own line of hair products in response to the harsh chemicals found in traditional hair products. Experiencing discrimination and racism first hand inspired her to create products for all races, hair types and textures. Her brand’s core values are diversity and inclusion. Her products average from $10.00 – $30.00 and can be purchased at Target, online and local drug stores such as CVS.

One of her most popular products is the Nourish and Shine Restorative Hair Butter, which nourishes hair while reducing frizz and providing shine. This butter is very versatile and has many uses such as protecting edges and split ends, reducing frizz while removing twist outs/ roller sets and providing shine while styling. Bonus tip: You can use the butter to lay down your edges or tame flyaways as an alternative to edge control.

12236774Image via Target


5. Mielle
Mielle pronounced (my-yell) is a black-owned, organic hair care brand founded by former nurse Monique Rodriguez. Monique has achieved hip length, natural, healthy hair and created a line of products to share her beauty regime with the world! Her brand seeks to empower women and encourages them embrace their natural beauty by providing quality hair products to stimulate growth and healthy hair. Her products range from 10$ to 35$ and can be purchased online or at local drug stores.

I recommend trying their Babassu Oil & Mint Deep Conditioner. This product replenishes dry and damaged hair while stimulating scalp health and taming frizz and flyaways. The conditioner is very lightweight, moisturizing and smells amazing! I use this product on the kinkiest parts of my hair that are more prone to breakage and it always leaves my curls defined, super soft and easy to detangle.

Image via Mielle